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Rachel is a confident yet disorganised, single, mother of two who lives in metropolis New Zealand. One night she drunkenly takes home overly keen University student, Rob, whose post one-night-stand advances become overbearing. Eager to quickly skip town, Rachel travels with her mother, Margot to a rural indigenous Māori film festival to represent a film that Rachel acted in. While Margot delightfully soaks up the culture, Rachel is reluctant to embrace the experience but suddenly finds herself drawn to Nikki; a Samoan female filmmaker.

Rachel returns home and confusedly realises that she has feelings for Nikki and is convinced by her best friend, Sam, to follow her heart. Rachel locks in a café meeting with Nikki until successful, attractive, Samoan, female actor, Frankie Adams (as herself) abruptly interrupts the meeting and whisks Nikki away to a community fundraiser. Rachel and Sam arrive at the fundraiser, but Rachel is embarrassed when Nikki and Frankie approach and hastily leaves.


Nikki visits her friend, Tere, Rachel’s boss, and when Tere unexpectedly cancels their lunch date, Nikki asks Rachel to join her instead. The pair hit it off and Nikki asks Rachel to a movie which she happily accepts. Afterwards, Rachel invites Nikki back to her house for tea and despite a fumbled, teenage, first attempt at romance, the duo enjoy a beautiful night of intimacy with each other.

All seems to be going well until the couple are confronted with Rob who throws a spanner into the wheels of true love and compromises Rachel's chances of a relationship with Nikki forcing both women to fight for what their hearts truly desire.

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